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You there, looking at your phone and computer for continuous news updates. Aren’t you getting tired of reading how we are living through a major historical moment? Wouldn’t you like to make a little history? Of course, you would! Put that phone or computer down for a few minutes and let me tell you a little story. Then I will invite you to join the History Department to make history.   

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  • The Little Things
  • What Would they think
    Recently, I’ve been missing a dear friend of mine who passed away over a year ago and listening to his music on youtube. I enjoy listening to his voice at the beginning when he […]
  • Telenovela trailer from Spanish conversation course
    Students produce a telenovela trailer as an assignment in quarantine that relates to the topic of “telenovelas mexicanas” studied in class. They recreate their feeling about the Covid19 situation and dramatize it including the […]
  • Visiting Chestnut Park nursing Home
    Staff from the Chestnut Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Oneonta, NY, and the Susquehanna animal shelter coordinated to put on a dog parade for residents of the nursing home, May 12, 2020. Susquehanna […]
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