home life

Hello everyone, my name is Molly Feulner. I’m fairly new to the Oneonta family, I returned to school last fall after an absence of five years to finish my degree in Fine Arts. My focus is photography so I wanted to share with you my documentation of this time. This series of self portraits show how I have been spending my time in isolation. I have started a larger project I will share when I have completed it.

I’ve experienced lots of ups and downs through this time. On the one hand I do have introvert tendencies, so spending lots of time at home doesn’t bother me very much. I find it easy to fill my time with hobbies that I enjoy and normally don’t have that much time for. On the other hand not being able to spend time with friends in my home or theirs, going to the grocery store and the gas station have become incredibly stressful things for me. I have had pneumonia a number of times in my short life and truly fear contracting this disease and becoming gravely ill. It’s a strange feeling being pulled in both directions, longing for my friends and families company while also fearing being around anyone.