The age of technology

I was born in the year 2000. The new millennium brought more technology than ever before with the World Wide Web going live only a decade prior. So what did this mean for us 2000s babies?

On the surface, the internet seemed like a way to be more connected, but many would argue that it created social disconnect.

Two decades later, the Coronavirus hit and the fundamentals of what it means to be human changed. We are social beings, yet we are now told to stay inside with no connection to the outside world. I’ve spent those last two decades interacting with my peers in classrooms and dancing in crowds of people, but now the stranger feels like the enemy. I must hide my smile with a mask. I must choose protection for survival over social interaction in which I need to survive.

So now I turn to technology: The tricky beast that made people at times feel insecure or nervous to participate in the non digital world, but at other times it brought a sense of belonging and a place for people to connect beyond their immediate environment.

At this time I turn to technology more than ever. I’m able to continue my education because of it; something that wouldn’t be feasible in the year 2000. I’m able to connect with my friends over social media. Most importantly, with video chat software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, I’m able to see the smiles that I’ve missed so much.