OCtober diary entries

So I was hoping by the time I wrote my next entry, I would have a job back at Nike. Well
something happened that might affect that. On Monday, I went to my friend Nicky’s house to
hang out and he might have given me Covid. He went to Cortland last weekend to see his brother
Joey in his house and the whole house was infected with Covid. He just told me his test results
were positive earlier today and later today I’m getting tested too. I mean I feel like I should write
down how I’m currently feeling to show the psychological effects of possibly having Covid.
Mostly, I’m scared I gave the disease to my mom and my family. I’m rethinking everywhere I
touched and making sure I stay in my room until I get my results. Let’s hope I didn’t get it and I
get going with getting back to work again.
Good news, I came back negative for Covid. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t get it
because I should have been infected with hanging out with my friend Nicky. Either way I was so
happy hearing I didn’t have Covid and would have to stay quarantined for 2 weeks. On some
better news I finally got a call from Nike and I should be having an interview to get started later
this week. Right now, my main focus is to stay busy as much as possible as I was starting to hate
staying inside my house all day long. Today in particular I went out to play soccer at a local
athletics park just for the fact I wanted to leave the house and it was good to finally get back on
the field. I think I can get a couple of more sessions before it gets too cold out but right now I’m
just focused on staying active.
Right now I’m at my friend Joey’s house in Cortland (same one my friend Nicky went to)
to celebrate Halloween as a reward for finally working and getting things together. I started
working on Monday so I thought I could have one more weekend to relax with some friends
before I put my focus all into working. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous with Covid already
affecting the house. One of my favorite soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with
Covid twice so it’s not a bad precaution to be a little worried. It was nice seeing my friend Joey
along with other friends living there so for right now I’m going to focus on having a nice time
with them and when I get back I’ll get tested again just to be sure.