November diary entries

November Diary Entries
So I’ve been working for a couple of days now and it feels good to finally be busy. The
only thing I see being an issue is having my work schedule fit with school as Nike only offers
workers 9 hour shifts (Especially through November-December); but I’ve been just bringing my
Macbook to work and taking my lunch whenever I had class. It’s not bad but the break room can
sometimes be loud. I mean other than working nothing else special has happened in my life. I’ve
been just more focused on working and abusing the discount I get there. I’m hoping Black Friday
isn’t as bad as it was last year but I’m only guessing because of Covid, there will be limitations
to how many people are allowed in the stores and other things to keep the workers and customers
Same thing as last entry honestly; nothing has really changed and I’m just living in a
schedule I made where everyday I eat 3250 calories a day, work out every two days and take a
day rest (if my working schedule doesn’t have me working late) and I’ve made a list of late or
upcoming assignments coming up for the last couple of weeks of school. Personally I need to be
organized and have things visualized so a list works perfectly. But other than that, nothing new
in terms of Corona other than my sister’s close friend being positive. One more thing that, for a
reward for myself for finally getting a job and feeling in control of my life, I’ve bought myself a
pair of Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 which is considered to be the first self tying shoe to be mass
produced. It comes in 2 weeks and I don’t even want to say the price tag for these shoes as it
would make any normal human throw up; but it’s a little gift for myself so that’s my excuse for
buying them.
So Black Friday came along and unfortunately and somehow fortunately I had to leave
early as my mom texted me in the middle of my shift saying my sister tested positive for Covid. I
could tell my managers didn’t believe me when I told them on short notice but showed them my
Mom’s message and they let me go with a week break to quarantine. Here’s what’s weird to me,
with my sister being positive, there should be no way I don’t have it as we hung out the week
prior to her being tested; however when I got tested I came back negative. I honestly don’t have
any clue why I don’t have it and I’m scared to go back to work because although I have no
symptoms, I just want to be sure I don’t have anything before I go into contact with people from
work. Since Black Friday I’ve been sticking to my schedule and have been more focused on
getting all of my assignments done. I should be setting up Christmas lights but I’m home alone
and being on the roof alone isn’t the smartest idea but I just want them done just so they’re done
and I don’t have to be thinking about it. Oh and my Nike sneakers from my last entry came in
and they are by far the more comfortable pair of shoes I’ve tried. Putting on the shoe is an
experience all in itself as the shoe tightens around your foot without any effort. Definitely no
buyers remorse for these.