Pandemic Diary

Day 1

Hello my name is Christopher and this is Day 1 on the Pandemic Diary Blog Project! I kind of wish it had a shorter name but who am I to judge? The date is November 12th and I’ve started my day like I normally do which is that I wake up at 6 o’clock because the cats want food, make a pot of coffee, jump in the shower, trim the beard, brush teeth, get dressed, and get ready for classes to start. Today is Thursday so I have historiography with Hendley, Modern Central Asia with Malikov, and American Fiction with Hovis. Tries to answer some questions for Hendley’s class along with Hovis’, Malikov’s class is an old YouTube video he did and makes us watch it (this is getting tiring because we’re not learning anything). I got a couple of homework assignments but nothing to bad.

            Well, it looks like its time for bed cause its 2 o’clock in the morning and I have an early day tomorrow!

Day 2

November 13th, wake up at 5oclock because the neighbors like to play this fun little game called “Who Can Yell the Loudest” and let me tell you, it’s for the whole family. Fed the cats, showers, brushed teeth, and working on homework because I forgot to do it last night… fun times. The cats are screaming for attention because apparently, I never give it to them because I’m a horrible person but they decided to do it at the worst possible time because I was having office hours with Professor Freeman. She thought it was funny and she then processed to talk about her cats and her dog, I’m really going to miss not having a class with her next semester but hopefully she can be part of my thesis board. Just realized that I haven’t had food since 7 o’clock yesterday morning and it’s 7 o’clock now so that’s not good. Well, I just got a call from the store saying that I need to pick up my friend from work because I guess he wanted to go home early

Day 3

            November 14th, Mom and I had to wake up at 4 o’clock so that we can drive to my brother’s college over in Massachusetts. We took shifts with me driving the first half of the journey and Mom finishing the other half. It wasn’t that bad of a drive but lots of cops, probably because Thanksgiving is coming up. Mom wants to visit Ben as much as possible so that she can keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t do anything drastic. The whole family had a huge scare with him at the start of the school year resulting in him being put in a hospital. It happens again I think it might be too much for Mom to handle. Most of the day consisted us the three of us wandering his campus and them then going to 99 Restaurant down the street. Got the same rude/quick-witted waitress that we get every time and she’s starting to recognize my face which I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Well, we ended the day with us walking Ben back to his dorm room and that he wanted us to send some photos of the cats to him latter tonight. The moment we got to the car I though Mom was going to cry because I know how much she hates to cry. Got to the house at around 11 o’clock and got another call from Troy about Zack saying that he might get coached which is a serious thing in retail.

Day 4

            November 15th, Ben had a panic attack so Mom woke me up and we’re on the road to the college. Had probably 4 hours of sleep but I don’t even know if Mom slept last night, just kept reading her crime books looking for answers. Got to campus at around 10 o’clock with Ben sitting on the steps of his dorm, looked like he was crying for hours. Mom is good at dealing with emotions so she took care of him. The two of them were talking about something but I was already too far away to hear. I knew they were going to talk for a few hours so I decided to walk a walk-through town and eventually made it to the 99 Restaurant. The waitress was there and instantly knowing who I was and asked me if I was doing okay, this was the first time someone has acted me this since before the pandemic started. Don’t know why but I told her everything that was happening. The thing with Zack, Ben’s health, my grades because all my free time is being spent looking after other people, and how tired I am. Eventually I noticed that she wasn’t saying anything but instead she was at the other side of the bar and simply listened. When I finished my story I noticed that I didn’t buy anything which I felt bad for but she said it wasn’t a problem and talk me that it was going to be okay which was nice to heard because for the longest time I didn’t think that was possible anymore. Walked back to the campus and saw Mom finishing her talk with Ben, gave him a hug and we were on the road.

            Got home and a few minutes later had a call from Lucas (other friend) saying that we need to do something with Zack because its freaking him out

Day 5

            November 16th, met up with the guys after my classes and they were telling me that Zack hasn’t been eating or even doing his job which is a big concern given that during this time of year Walmart fires over a dozen workers every week. Zack as been working there for nearly 5 years and that’s all he knows what to do. With me being the only one that knows how to cook I volunteered myself to make Zack some meals for work so that he’s actually eating something. The guys will try and cheer him up and make sure that he manages to survive this firing season. If all goes according to plan then well have nothing to worry about.

Day 6

            November 17th, woke up at 9 o’clock which is nice and went to classes like normal but I didn’t talk that much for Hendley’s class but I did for Hovis’ class. Had to drive to the hospital for my appointment and hopefully everything goes okay. Well, I finished my appointment and she was actually surprised which is unusual. She congratulated me on my weight loss (lost 15lbs) but she noticed that my blood pressure is up it wasn’t anything to worry about because high blood pressure is normal if under high amounts of stress. Realized I forgot to finish my assignment for Hendley that is due today, that’s not good

Day 7

            November 18th, spent most of my day trying to finish my assignment that was due at the end of October for Hendley and now I’m trying to finish this… so much fun. Went to my classes today which was nice but kind of a slow day for learning. Spring Semester is getting closer so I’ve been working on what classes I’m planning on taking next semester. Doesn’t look like that hard of a semester for classes that is because I’m going to write my thesis and I’m going to need as much time as possible. Got a call from Zack asking if I can meet him at his place. Jumped in my car and sped over there as quickly as possible, we talked for hours but it felt like I was talking to someone else entirely. He was a shelf of the person he was before. Looked like he lost 30 lbs. since the last time I saw him and looked like he’d been awake for days. He thanked me for making him meals for lunch and invited me into his apartment. Im glad he wasn’t living in his filth unlike some people in our town but there wasn’t must there. He had a bed that was on the floor, a television, and a small fridge. Decided that was going to make him some dinner so I had to improvise. With the stuff I found I was able to make a simple bucatini recipe that my Dad taught me how to make. Put the dish on some plates and I made sure that Zack ate first before I did. While we ate, we started to talk about how we met and shared old stories that if anyone overheard us would probably think we’re crazy. Things like the “Glue Mafia” or an idea for a petting zoo where instead of farm animals its sharks. Stupid stuff that made us laugh and let us forget about our troubles for a brief moment. Zack and I talked for hours but the best thing was that it felt like a few minutes and nothing changed. I think everything is going to be okay.