November 2020

November 3rd, 2020
Today was Election Day. I felt extreme nervousness all day. Election Day to me was a
determining factor in this country’s future. I wanted Biden to win for every reason: education,
immigration, climate change, and especially the pandemic. If Trump won, I knew these next four
years would be just as bad as the last. If Biden won I’ll have an actual chance to go up to college
and have a relatively normal college experience COVID-19 free. I stayed up all night with
anticipation due to the mail-in ballots and states that took forever to count. Eventually, I called it
a night exhausted from worry and the scary possibility of what tomorrow would bring.
November 20th, 2020
I experienced the definition of college today. Excruciatingly hard exams with barely any
time to breathe. I had a Chemistry exam at 9 in the morning which I was sure I was going to fail
but it turned out to be better than expected. I actually got a good grade before my professors
make corrections for the first time which was a pleasant surprise. Ten minutes after I had a
Psychology exam which was my professor’s hardest exam yet. Luckily I got an A and I was
finally able to breathe. I bought Starbucks as a treat where unfortunately my drink arrived
spilled. Later on in the afternoon, I had a literature quiz where I panicked but somehow still got a
good grade. Overall my best and worst day academically yet.
November 22nd, 2020
The pandemic is really starting to get to me. I can’t wait until we have a vaccine and life
gets back to normal. You’d think I’d be used to it by now because it’s been nine months. Alas, it
feels like every day is almost exactly the same. I miss how exhilarating life used to be and all the
changes every day brought. Every day is just wake up, go to class, take a break, homework,
stress, eat, repeat. Staying home is what is safest for everyone and I’m happy to do so for the
greater good but the fact that we still have to do this while other countries don’t really sucks. I
heard that the vaccine will be out in December so I’m hoping for the small chance that maybe
we’ll get a normal college experience next semester.

October 2020

October 3rd, 2020:
I went pumpkin picking for the first time. My sister, her best friend, my best friend, and I
sped off to Long Island to pick pumpkins. Once we arrived we were surprised by the number of
people there but luckily we were able to keep our distance. Everyone had on their masks as well.
As we were looking to find where to pick pumpkins, we found some really nice eggplants which
we had to bring home with us. After that, we found the pumpkins. We decided on the number of
various sizes we were going to get and took some Instagram worthy photos. I bought some apple
butter and triple crown for my mother and my sister’s best friend bought apple cider donuts
which were probably the best donuts we ever tasted. We went to a diner after that for lunch
where the food was superb and decided to go home and call it a day.
October 10th, 2020:
Tonight was my family friend’s movie night. I had my reservations about going at first
but once I got there I was happy to see only a few people. The decorations really imitated a
movie theater with concession stands and blankets on top of the couches. There were actually
movie theater popcorn containers and little car holders to put them in. The movie DOPE was
really good as well. It was my first time going out where I expected there to be a lot of people
despite corona but I’m glad I didn’t let my worries get the best of me.
October 19th, 2020:
My psychology class really makes online school feel less lonesome. Despite none of us
turning on our cameras, it still feels like I’m in an in-person class with them. We were able to
talk about how we’ve been feeling because of coronavirus and that essentially every day feels
like the same. Our professor shared his feelings as well and it was nice to know that he was
feeling the same way we are. In fact, he almost decided to go asynchronous because what is class
if he can’t engage with his students. He was hopeful in regard to the new president though. He
believes that we’ll be able to be in person next semester and I hope so too. Sitting at my laptop in
my living room all day is getting to be draining.

September 2020

Entry 1: September 16th, 2020
Today was my sister’s birthday. Her 29th birthday. I realized today that she’s close to 30 and
myself 20, which is bizarre. I can’t comprehend the fact that I’m closer to 19 than I am 18, but
seeing as how most of this year is a blur due to the lovely pandemic we’re having it’s natural to
feel like this. I had bought her a The Comfy blanket sweatshirt to aid her during the cold New
York winter months and boy did she love it. We picked up her best friend of 16 years and we
were off. We had to go to Manhattan to pick up flowers that her ex-coworker gives her every
year. It was very sweet to see seeing as she works elsewhere now. Then we sped off to
Downtown Brooklyn where we had brunch at our favorite restaurant, Bijan’s. I also ended up
getting lost in a supermarket after trying to find a deli to retrieve some Zyrtec for my sister and
some Aleve for her friend’s headache. I would say I’m upset at myself for getting lost in a
supermarket but alas I am because that is just in my character to do so. Some of us have to be
awkward and confused all the time but that’s okay. Overall, it was a nice time and I believe
we’re going back in two weeks. I also got to retake my statistics quiz that I didn’t do so hot
yesterday. I didn’t do so hot on it again but at least I passed this time. What a joy it would be to
understand Statistics but hey we can’t have everything.
Entry 2: September 23rd, 2020
Today wasn’t exciting but it was nice. My family brought me home loads of pastries
because I had to stay home for class. We went out after and my sister and I just had a nice little
drive before picking up my mom. We came home and I proceeded to stress over my lack of
understanding of my chemistry homework. I’m not a math person. My sister however felt my
pain very deeply and was there to console me. I ended the night off talking to my roommate (or
rather should have been roommate but corona happened) and my close friend of 15 years. All in
all a pretty relaxing day. Not all days are exciting but it’s the little things about them that make
them the most special.
Entry 3: September 26th, 2020
Worlds collided today; my sister’s best friend met mine! They hit it off from the start. We
began the day by picking them up and went to an animal shelter to retrieve a dog, any dog that
my sister so desperately needs. Alas, we found none but we did find a very messy and confusing
animal shelter truck thing. To make up for our loss, we went to another favorite cafe of ours,
Cafe Luluc. The food was wonderful and we left merrily. The car ride to drop my sister’s best
friend off was amusing full of old 90s throwbacks and laughs all around. The day did not end
there. My sister then drove my best friend and me to Sweetory in Jackson Heights where we got
authentic Asian desserts. My friend stayed over at my house until about 9 pm and it was nice
being around someone my age for once. I ended the night off by hurriedly finishing off my
chemistry lab before midnight. I can without a doubt say this was one of the best days during the
pandemic for me.