April 22, 2020 Earth Day

Maggie McCann || April 22nd, 2020

Its earth day! Finally something to celebrate! After my Environmental Sustainability class this semester I’ve learned way more about how to take better care of the planet. We don’t use plastic bottles or straws at my house, we just planted a garden for spring. We don’t have a lot of clean energy though, our house is mostly gas and electric powered from a grid, my future house is definitely going to be solar powered, I’m trying to get my parents to stop using fertilizers and weve started composting. I really want to keep up learning how to preserve the environment. Especially being in New York and having the Staten Island beaches to clean up there’s a lot I can do.

Its been another slow day at home, I’ve been doing a lot more painting, I spent a few hours today after classes painting mushrooms for whatever reason, I saw a pretty painting of mushrooms on Pinterest last night and I’ve been thinking about it all day so I did some of my own. Once classes are over I’m going to be doing a lot more crafts and practicing guitar, it’ll be really weird not to have any deadlines, I cant remember the last time I didn’t have something due. I cant tell if it will be nice or I’ll go insane.