Where did I leave off?

Oh, yes, I was taking hikes with Shiro, my dog, up the South-side hill. This quarantine activity stopped right after we almost got EATEN by a Coyote in the middle of the day. However, that story is too long and dramatic to record it for Pandemic History.  We escaped unhurt yet traumatized, and I ended up loving my dog even more.

Shiro walking Southside

I continued walking South-side drive up and down, taught my regular summer courses, and tried to disconnect from reality. This is easy for some of us that live on the mountain. In July I felt nostalgic for my classroom. It has been the longest summer break at home with my family. Listened to U.S. news through the lens of Colombian news and did not want to think.

Like our students, two days before deadline, I am not totally ready, but see the light. 

The light of a computer screen and multiple faces, pictures, or initials. One part of me feels excited for what is ahead, a new way of teaching and learning; other part of me feels worried and misses student contact. I drove by a live campus two days ago, calmer, organized, and full of young minds.

I guess I am ready for my online full-planned experience, just need to pick up my office.

See you in TEAMS.