Diary Entry One: One-Hundred and Eighty-four days

12 September 2020

Diary Entry One: One-Hundred and Eighty-Four Days

            One-Hundred and eighty-four days ago was the last time I was physically in a classroom. It’s a weird feeling honestly; it’s what I’ve always wanted, but at the same time I miss it. The remainder of the school year was pretty much a cake walk, with assignments being watered down versions of what they were supposed to be, and nearly every teacher asking us how COVID-19 has affected our day to day life. My answers were almost always the same, usually just stating how I feel like it’s an extended summer vacation. One of my biggest worries though, was how remote learning would work once I made it to the “big scary monster” that was college.

            Turns out, the only big scary monster here is the creature known as “procrastination.” I’m sure we’ve all met them quite a few times in life, and today they’ve decided to make themselves company in my bedroom (metaphorically of course, otherwise that’s weird). Honestly speaking, my college workload has been oddly light so far. The problem is that since I’m home, it feels as if there’s no real reason to actually do any of the work. Online deadlines don’t even feel real, and it genuinely feels like there’s no consequences for not completing assignments. It really does feel like June through August was just a really long vacation, and now I’m just in senior year part two. I think the fact that I’m still in my hometown surrounded by all my friends makes it feel even more like high school: the sequel, but who knows. Regardless of how fake this all feels, I still have a very real pre-calculus assignment due in about 2 hours that I have yet to start. Wish me luck.

P.S.: Feel free to see your way out, procrastination monster. Like seriously, leave.