Being POsitive

Today was a good yet simple day. I am only trying to write in this “diary” on good days because I don’t want to be too negative. One of the best positives of being home for me is being able to see my half sister. She is only one right now and every time I see her, because she doesn’t live with me, she looks different. I was worried that she would forget about me when I went to college but I was only there for two weeks so she didn’t. Even though it was only two weeks away she was the one I missed the most. Now that I’m back I’ve been able to play with her and see her, after I was cleared of COVID of course. She even says my name now. This is one of the only reasons I’m happy to be home because lately it has been so hard for me to concentrate in school. Sitting at a computer all day just doesn’t motivate me. Most days I feel tired and have a headache by the end of my lectures. I’m just hoping that Oneonta will come up with a good plan for next semester because every other SUNY school has managed to be okay so far except for us so obviously it is possible to have on campus classes.