november 2020

Jacob Bresowsky                                                                                                                                                                                                                                11-27-30 

                                                                                                   November Diary Entries  

  At the beginning of November, my younger cat Gracie got spade and has had a cone on ever since. When she got home, she was out of it because of the drugs she was given in order to have the surgery done. It was kind of funny seeing her waddle around like she was drunk. We had to put her in an enclosure that we used to use for my dog so she could not hurt herself and so our other pets would not bother her. The next night we had to put a cone on her so she could not lick her stitches, she is funny with a cone on because it looks like she lost some of her coordination with it on because it bunches up her whiskers. Sometimes she just stands in one place and shimmies I am not sure why she does it, but it is funny to see. There are times when I feel bad for her because there are moments where she looks depressed and is just staring at the floor or the couch. Gracie still tries to scratch herself, but she cannot because of her cone so when she tries all you hear is a tapping sound of her hitting her cone. She will get her cone off next week and then she will be all happy once again. 

  I have had many doctor’s appointments this month. I go to my usual allergy doctor to get my two allergy shots every Friday but this month I also went to the dentist. I usually hate going to the dentist because I have a very bad gag reflex so if anything goes too deep it becomes very unpleasant for me, especially when they do x-rays. This time at the dentist I was getting a cavity filled in which I have not had done in a while, so I did not really remember how it went. What I did not remember was how big the syringe and needle are for when they give you a shot in your cheek to numb you. It took a while for the medicine to work so while I was waiting, I asked the dentist if he could show me how I could get my back teeth when I floss because it is always hard for me to get back there. So, he showed me and now I can kind of get back there when I floss. Anyway, after that conversation my mouth was numb, and I could not feel the right side of my face so then the procedure began. It is really crazy to me that you really cannot feel anything that they are doing to you. After fifteen minutes or so it was all over and was not bad at all. Then I went home and could not feel the right side of my face for about two hours.  

  This week my family and I went to a drive-in movie at a BBQ restaurant near our house. The night that we went they were showing Elf, which is one of my favorite Christmas movies, so I was excited to go. The food there was very good, and I got a chicken tender melt which I liked a lot, and the waffle fries it came with were top-notch as well. One funny thing that happened was when my mom was trying to get the food from the waiter it fell before it went through the car window, so we had to wait a while before they gave us another one but then it came with extra fries and all was forgiven. In order to hear the movie, we had to tune in to a certain station on the radio which was cool because I thought it was just going to be speakers outside. When the movie started, I could not really see it because I was all the way in the back seat but I did not really mind because I have seen it a bunch of times so it did not really matter if I could see it or not. At the end of the movie, we got popcorn and I got a cookie monster milkshake which is basically just a chocolate milkshake with a bunch of chocolate chips in it and was very good. The popcorn by far was the worst thing about the night because it was cold and came when the movie had ended. Overall, besides the popcorn and food falling on the floor we all had a very good time.  

  So, this Thanksgiving was weird. We usually go to my cousin’s house in Jersey and eat in their backyard but this year we just stayed home. It was not too bad we watched the parade, the dog show, and football like on any regular Thanksgiving Day. My mom made all the food and we all helped her with something of course. The food was great, and I was full after two plates, I could have kept going but I wanted to save some room for dessert. Dessert was very good too we had Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies and three different pies. I am not really a pie person, but I love cookies and that is all the dessert I need. After dessert, my sister, mom, and I were dancing around the house singing Christmas songs my brother sang one Disney’s Frozen song with us and then went into his room because he is no fun and my dad usually never sings with us either, but we still had a great time. During all the songs I picked up my dog and started to dance with her for a little bit until she had enough, and I put her down and she ran off to the couch. Overall, it was a weird Thanksgiving, but it was still an enjoyable one

october 2020

Jacob Bresowsky                                                                                                                                   10-30-20 

                                                                       October Diary Entries   

  This month I started to get allergy shots for my many many allergies. I have to get one shot in each arm every Friday for six months. Then I go every other week for two years. I have been to my pulmonologist/allergist so much that everyone in his office knows me which is both funny and sad at the same time. Luckily, we do not have to go to the city anymore for the doctor because I am able to get my shots on Staten Island and the office is only like an hour drive there and back. When I am in the doctor’s office, I am in there for about ten minutes because I get my shots and leave. Last time I went to the doctor I got bad news; the news was that we cannot get a real Christmas tree because of course one of the trees that I am allergic to is a pine tree. Now we need to get a fake tree this year which is kind of a bummer but what can you do? Hopefully we are able to get a real Christmas tree next Christmas we shall see. I cannot really tell if the allergy shots are helping that much yet, but they are still making my special concoction of allergens just for me so maybe when I get those shots, I will start to feel the difference.  

  Recently my family and I had a covid scare. It all started when my dad went to my uncle to get shots for testosterone because is hormones are messed up because he had two brain tumors. Two day after my dad went to get his shot my uncle called him and said that him and my aunt both had covid. As soon as we heard this, we were all nervous because if my dad got covid it would most likely be very dangerous because his immune system is not as strong because he had two brain humors. To make matters worse I saw my dad when he got home from my uncle’s house and that same day I went to my friend’s and one of them has an infant little brother who was premature. So, for obvious reasons I was very nervous for my dad and I was afraid I had passed it on to my friend and he would pass it on to his brother. When we had found out about my aunt and uncle having covid we got tested and my friends got tested. Miraculously no one in my house or my friends had gotten it. What is even weirder is that somehow my cousins did not get covid even though they are in the same house as my aunt and uncle. This experience just showed me how unpredictable this virus really is.  

 For the past four months I have been trying to get a job anywhere and everywhere except for restaurants because that is the one place I will not work at. That is because other people’s food grosses me out way too much than it should, and I cannot deal with people especially hungry people. The places that I have applied to are Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, US Polo, Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy, Target and others. I have not even gotten a reply from all these places. To make matters worse two of my friends applied to Target too and they heard back the next day and Target still has not emailed me back, safe to say I did not get that job either. I got rejected for so many jobs that my dad asked me if I did the application wrong. I think the reason that I am not getting hired is because I do not really have any good hours to work because my classes are at all times of the day. Also, I would only be able to work for two or three weekdays in the afternoon or at night and the weekend. I might try to apply to more places soon but as of right now I have lost all hope.  

September 2020

Jacob Bresowsky                                                                                                            Diary Entry #1 

 The start of quarantine was not too bad for me it was the end of high school, so I did not have that much work to do and I started to work out again and I was feeling good. This was going on for a few months and then the summer started and I able to hang out with some of my friends again since quarantine was lifted. Then in August, I started to get breathing problems. I used to have them at the beginning of the year, but they sort of went away but in August it got worse. It would usually come out of nowhere, sometimes I would be sitting on the couch and my chest would get tight and I had to start breathing from my mouth with deep breaths. This concerned me and I told my parents about it, so we made an appointment with the cardiologist and the pulmonologist. At the cardiologist everything was fine, at the pulmonologist, I took a breathing test and the doctor said that my lungs looked enflamed and said that he would say that I am fine if I was not having trouble breathing. Since I was having trouble breathing the doctor gave me Arnuity which is supposed to help my breathing and gave me an asthma pump just in case. Since then I have gone to the doctor one more time for a follow-up and I am going again in October. The doctor thinks it could be a mix of allergies and anxiety which would make sense because I am allergic to dust and pollen. I have had anxiety for a few years, and I guess the pandemic made it worse without me realizing and it has not been great. The medicine has helped though so hopefully I will find out what is wrong with me soon. 

Jacob Bresowsky                                                                                                                   Diary Entry #2 

 Before the pandemic I was constantly active in high school I played football for four years and lacrosse for three, so I was in pretty good shape since I was doing some type of physical activity every day for four years. Once the pandemic started, I still worked out every night and went on bike rides two to three times a week. However, once my breathing problems began, I was afraid to work out because I did not know what was wrong with me. So, I did not work out every night for a long time. Then once college started, I really did not work out anymore because I had no time to ride my bike during the day and I was too tired to work out at night. Even though I stopped working out I ate like I usually did when I would work out all the time. It never occurred to me that I did not gain weight from eating so much because I was active and when I realized that it was too late. I went from 185 pounds to 200 and now I am about 198. When I realized that I had gained this much weight I stopped eating after dinner so I would not gain any more weight. I try to work out again every once and a while, but I do not work out as much as I should because I lack the motivation because I am too tired. If I were at Oneonta in normal times, I would try to go to the gym every day with my friend. When we can go to school, I hope the gym will be open so I can work out for the first time in a while. Until then who knows when I will work out again because I sure don’t.  

Jacob Bresowsky                                                                                                                  Diary Entry #3 

   I do not really have that many great stories to tell about this whole situation but this one does end well. This happened in August during the pandemic when I noticed something odd in my cat Ferb’s mouth, it was all black and he had a fat lip. When cats’ mouths change color, it can just mean that they are getting old, and when that happens their mouth color can change into the same pigment as their skin. I looked that up when I saw it, so I was not really worried about that, I was more worried about the fact that he had a swollen lip and that it started to bleed after a day. So, I told my parents, and we took him to the vet, the vet checked him out and said that it could be cancer, so he had to do a biopsy. As soon as I got into the car after hearing this news I started to cry because I feared the worst as I usually do. I had not cried in a long time prior to this so it was not fun. After he got the biopsy the worst part was the waiting. Every part of me believed that the results were not going to be what I hoped they would. It was truly agonizing waiting for these results because this cat is my personal buddy because he always stays in my room and never really leaves. I had to do things to distract myself like read, hang out with my friends, and listen to music. Then the day came when we got the call that he was okay!!!! When I heard my mom say this, I was so relieved and happy that Ferb was all right and that what was thought to be cancer was scar tissue.