Diary entry two: one-hundred and ninety-one

19 September 2020

Diary Entry Two: One-Hundred and Ninety-One

            It’s now been one-hundred and ninety-one days since quarantine began, or at least since quarantine began in the United States. One-hundred and ninety-one days ago it was Spring, and now it’s about to be Fall. I don’t know what’s more mind boggling; the fact that its been nearly two-hundred days cooped up in the house, or that almost all four seasons have passed during quarantine. Honestly, they both blow my mind at the same rate.

            It’s weird how much I’ve actually noticed the seasons changing this year. Usually it would just feel like one day it was cool and rainy, and the next week it was hot and humid. I never noticed the gradual changes in nature that happened when the seasons changed, and I don’t think I would’ve if quarantine never happened. I know this sounds like the corniest thing in the world, but its honestly pretty cool. Since I’ve had a lot more free-time, I’ve been going out into my backyard to play with my dog nearly everyday since March. There’s these tall bushes that border the fence along my backyard that sprout the prettiest purple flowers every Spring. I actually got to see them bloom this year rather than just noticing that they were there one day. It seems mundane, and it honestly is, but I’ve never really been the type to appreciate the beauty of nature. I like the fact that I’m starting to build up that appreciation.

P.S.: Winter is the best season. Summer simply cannot compete.